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At Samhain we remember the Ancestors.  This is traditionally a time-out-of-time, when the veil between the worlds is thin.  So it is an ideal time to contact our ancestors, to ask for their guidance or to talk with them.  But before we get down to the full-on shamanic journey to the place of the ancestors, or even just the Samhain tarot reading, it’s a good idea to spend some time getting into the Samhain spirit, thinking about our ancestral heritage, and simply tuning into the energy of the season. 

Here are a few things I find useful to help me tune into the spirit of Samhain…

  • Walk in the woods, looking for fungi
  • Make a pumpkin (or turnip) lantern
  • Alternatively, turn them into tasty soup with a few more veg, a can of plum tomatoes, some herbs, bouillon cubes, a dash of Yorkshire relish…  now eat with homemade bread – delicious!
  • Do some family history research
  • Look at family photographs
  • Make a will (darn, still not done that yet – maybe next year)
  • Visit family places – ancestral villages, landscapes, graves
  • Visit burial mounds – West Kennet’s my local one, but there are many all over the country

In all of these activities, but particularly the outdoors ones, it is so much more powerful if we work ‘with awareness’.  What do I mean by that?  When I walk with awareness, for example, I am focused on the activity of walking, the touch of air on my skin, the sounds around me, the feel of the earth beneath my feet and the brushing of leaf against sleeve, the scent of damp earth and fungi, the taste of that damp woodland atmosphere as I breathe it in.  I am not thinking of the normal worries of daily life – this is a meditative state.  It’s difficult to maintain, of course, as the mind keeps throwing up thoughts as lures, but as with all meditation, once you realise what’s going on you gently go back to walking with awareness.


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So I’m starting this personal blog. It’s designed to run in tandem with my website At the Sign of the Black Cat, filling in the background to my various interests and giving anyone who’s interested a bit of insight into what I’m working on and how I do it.

So if you’re interested in Druidry, family history or folklore, mystery cats or green men, or getting out and about in Wiltshire, you’ll get some insight into how one person works with them here.

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