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RSI and Dragons

I’ve not been here for a while.  I’ve got a bit of an RSI problem – the doctor tells me I have carpal tunnel in my wrist, and a rotator cuff injury in my shoulder.  So I’ve been trying to cut down on using the PC.  That’s not easy in my line of work and with my interests, all of which seemed to need me to use a PC.

So I’ve decided to tame the Dragon – that is, I’ve got Dragon software so that I can talk to my PC rather than typing to it.  This post has been created using Dragon voice recognition software, and it’s pretty darn accurate.

Which means that I’m feeling very encouraged really.  For a while there, I was starting to think that I was going to have to give up the PC and all its wonders, which would’ve been good for me, I’m sure, but rather limiting.  We do so much via computers these days, it’s very disabling not to use one.

So thank the gods for the Dragon – I’ll train and tame it as needed and make it a good servant.


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